People say Mary Becquet is stuck up – she’s not stuck up! She’s just dead inside, it’s different.

Raised in a financially challenged home in Manor, Texas (ok it was a single wide trailer), Mary borrowed money, worked 3 jobs and took 10 years to get through college in search of a better life. This enabled her, years later, to become a bitter accountant adding stuff up to keep her health insurance. She used to own a house.

At work Mary started writing jokes while, to the untrained eye, she appeared to be taking notes at meetings. One day she forgot her notebook at a big meeting, where it was found by some co-workers who gleefully proceeded to it out loud, over cocktails, to senior management. Called on to explain herself, Mary told an inspired lie and said it was part of her new “stand-up routine.” The next day, she frantically enrolled herself in a stand-up comedy workshop.

In addition to her career failings, Mary is also ugly. At 18, she cut off her finger in an accident with a table saw. “You know how people greet me?”, queries Mary. “High four.”