Eric Trundy is the potato shaped face of comedy in Greensboro. A full time comedian, Eric has accomplished more in six years than most comics do in seven! Just a few months after trying Comedy, He took a huge risk by quitting his job to pursue Stand-up full time. Eric ran the open mic at the Idiot Box Comedy Club for 5 years and tired in to one of the best Mics in the universe, and he produced the No Nonsense Friday night show for over 4 years. He runs The Idiot Box’s intro to stand up workshop and hosts the “Countdown to Dementia” & “Never Been Happier” podcast where he interviews broken local comics as well as other talented people of interest. That may seem like a lot, but Eric still finds time to lie in bed , depressed for unhealthy amounts of time. He was a finalist in the 2013 & 2014 Ultimate Comic Challenge and won the 2015 title of that competition. A favorite at many local bars and stand up venues all over North Carolina. His style is brutally honest and painfully funny as he discusses struggling with depression and his troubled childhood as well as television, movies and anything in between. He dives in and enjoys shining a spotlight on the misery of life, Eric isn’t afraid to speak his mind, which is why it’s funny that he couldn’t write his own Bio. He lacks what it takes to think positively about himself, but has no issue speaking candidly about his failings as a human and as a man in front of rooms full of strangers, every part of his life is on display, and North Carolina’s stand up comedy scene is better for it.