Mike Devore is the kind of comic who makes you feel like you’re watching one of your naturally funny friends entertain a crowd. He’s a Navy vet with a heart and a notebook of gold, who has become a San Diego comedy staple.

Mike is a rare mix of conviviality and high-energy, pedal-to-the-floor delivery. His friendly intensity, sort of like a camp counselor’s, pairs well with his gently self-deprecating perspective. He’s mostly a happy camper, but can also push buttons when he wants to. Unlike many comics, though, he never mashes them.

Mike recently performed at the 2017 San Diego Comedy Festival, the 2017 Redwood Comedy Festival, as well as the 2016 Sonoma LaughFest and is a regular at comedy clubs in San Diego. Mike has also written for the “Tonight In San Diego” television show. When not performing, he can be found following his wife around Forever 21.