Lauren Faber is a feral comedian who was raised in a basement by the early 90’s specials of Ellen Degeneres, Paula Poundstone, Rosie O’Donnell and Elvira Kurt. (It was MUCH later that she noticed the common thread there, but that’s a story for a show.) Lauren has yet to learn that you can make things up on stage, so get ready for some unadulterated truth about her misadventures as a narcoleptic lesbian trying save the world.

Lauren won the NYC’s She-Devil Comedy Competition and the title of Carolinas’ Funniest Comic in 2016. She performs in festivals across the country including the Limestone, Hell Yes, Laugh Your Asheville Off, and Cinder Block. Lauren has featured for Chad Daniels, emceed for Godfrey, Jim Breuer, and Dan Cummins, and appeared with Maria Bamford on WUNC’s the State of Things.