Joe Perrow is a stand up comedian from Raleigh. To everyone’s surprise, Joe won North Carolina’s Funniest Person at Goodnights Comedy Club back in 2015. The title alienated Joe from other area comics because no one thought he deserved it. Then he won the Ultimate Comic Challenge in January this year to prove to everyone that he’s actually funny.
Other comedy accomplishments include eating lunch with Rory Scovel, smoking cigars with Robert Kelly, and yelling at Todd Glass for starting a fire.
Joe is the host of his very own podcast “Working Bits” and the co-host of “Brent and Joe’s Game of Thrones and Gas Station Wine Review”, which is America’s highest rated premium television and wine review fusion podcast.
Likes include: music, hanging with friends, movies and traveling
Dislikes include: Westworld, writing comedy bios, and seriously Westworld was terrible