Sonny Pandit has been disappointing his parents by doing comedy for quite awhile now and began playing the role of ”Don’t” in The Don’t We Boys! In 2016.They’re not particularly happy about that either.
He was in the finals for Funniest Person In Grand Rapids in 2012 and 2013, performed at Gilda’s LaughFest the past 7 years and was invited to Savage Henry fest in 2016 and 2017.
He’s also been invited and performed in Hell Yes Fest, Toronto Sketch Comedy festival, Sonoma Laughfest, Philadelphia sketchfest and North Carolina Comedy Festival.
Sonny has had the pleasure of opening for Brad Wenzel (Tonight Show W/Conan O’Brien), DeAnne Smith (HBO’s “Funny As Hell) Deon Cole (Barbershop, Blackish) and Mary Lynn Rajskub (24, Always Sunny In Philadelphia).
Sonny is enrolled within the conservatory program at Second City and also performs at colleges and clubs all over the country.
He’s also worked on video projects for JP Morgan Chase, Macy’s, Facebook messenger and whomever else needs an ethnically diverse cast.