Taking only the suggestion of an original title from the audience, Gabe and Ryder of TVunscripted create a full-length, unscripted play accompanied by improvised background music. Complex characters, relationships, plots and plans are spun out of the title suggestion and explored in a single, narrative plot. The duo has no fear of tossing one another about in their highly physical and energetic exploration of themes like revenge, romance, and fate.

Ryder Tam is an aerospace engineer from Honolulu, Hawaii. He discovered a love of improvised comedy in 2011, and has since performed with many teams in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. He has trained with teachers and coaches from IO Chicago, Second City, CiC Theater Chicago, and Groundlings.

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Gabe Valdez found a love for improv in high school and went on to pursue a degree in Geology. Armed with knowledge of rocks, comedy, and handsomely good looks this triple threat will be sure to knock you off your feet. Gabe has trained with Bird City Improv (Baltimore) and instructors from IO Chicago and Groundlings.

Musician Aidan Warner is a member of the Denver band Soul Solum, and has been performed around the country with TVunscripted as a musical accompanist on keyboard.