Vickie Plummer declared at the age of ten that she wanted to be a stand up comedian. She was always repeating bits from The Carol Burnett Show and pretending to be one of her various favorite comedians as she ran around her parent’s house in rural New Hampshire spouting off comedy routines about growing up in New York City in the 1970’s (like she had written the bit and not Eddie Murphy) and making people laugh while wanting to pull their hair out. The dream became a reality in the early 2000’s as she performed in clubs, restaurants, bars, and once even on the street, in New York City for six years. She took a 12 year hiatus and returned to her passion of stand up comedy in January 2019. This Summer she was a Semi-Finalist in the Empire State Stand up Showdown and was accepted to the Baltimore Comedy Festival where she performed to sold out crowds. Most recently she was selected to perform in the upcoming Road to Billtown Comedy Festival in PA and is a contestant in the all female comedy competition “Laughing it Up in Rahway” in NJ.

Vickie is a fighter and has battled her way back from cancer and other life threatening medical issues and uses humor to poke fun at the weird and crazy things that have shaped her life. She’s always ready to have a good time and to make audiences laugh and say “I can relate! I do the same thing!”
Some of her hobbies include trying to keep a plant alive and failing miserably, fighting insomnia, traveling as much as possible, and writing silly facts in her bio. Come laugh at the absurdity of life with her!