Keith Dee has been doing stand-up comedy for three years. He is a trained improviser, having taken levels 1-4 at Theatre 99 in Charleston.
He produces stand-up comedy shows and hosts an open mic in Charleston, SC.
He has opened for Jeremy McLellan, Shaun Jones, Darren DS Sanders, Drew Thomas, Tim Northern, and Dusty Slay among others. He has featured for Rollin Jay Moore. He featured at Freedom Fest for the Chosin Foundation. He has performed standup comedy at Stand-up Live, Huntsville; Comedy Zone, Charlotte; Cozzy’s, Newport News, and many other venues across the US.
He is a member of the 2018 cast of Listen To Your Mother, produced by Charleston Storytellers.
He appeared in the recent indie film, “Two Go In, One Comes Out – A Socumentary”.
He appeared in The Crucible as Francis Nurse with The Flowertown Players.
Sadly, Keith and his brothers and sister have recently found Snapchat filters and have begun wasting everyone’s time with short, face distorting videos of themselves saying dumb things to each other. This husband and father of five grown children will be an excellent addition to your show.