Vanessa Pants

Vanessa (Pants) Tortolano has been slinging funnies since she was old enough to talk back. Involved with theatre and the stage since the age of 5, Vanessa has just begun the practice of stand-up comedy in the last few years. She has also been a regular performer with Madison’s Monkey Business Institute since 2011. Vanessa is a feisty mother of 4 teenagers and one of the Co-founding owners of NessAlla Kombucha.


Larry Garza

Larry Garza is a comedian based out of San Antonio, Texas and a founding member of the award winning sketch group Comedia A Go-Go. He will be returning to the stage in after a long break from fighting Stage IV Kidney Cancer.

Garza, is the 2016 Funniest in South Texas winner, plus a Funniest in Texas and World Series of Comedy finalist. He was diagnosed with Stage IV Kidney Cancer May of 2016 and has undergone multiple surgeries after the disease spread to his lung, then to his brain later that year.

He still managed to produce his comedy special, BIG MAMA GOD AND THE HAZEL EYED MONSTER before his surgeries fulfilling his dream of doing so.

His performance will feature bits from his special as well as new material pertaining to his battle with cancer, the misconceptions of the disease and its “cures,” as well as the sub-culture associated with it.

Whether drawing from his non-Spanish speaking Latino roots growing up on the South Side of San Antonio, his wife and children, his battle with cancer or expounding upon his love of pop Culture, religion and horror movies, Larry Garza is a fearless and versatile performer that will have you laughing at topics you never thought you would.


Katie McKelvie

Katie McKelvie uses comedy to work through her anxiety about various apocalyptic scenarios, death, and the challenges of parenting small, slightly feral children. She has performed at venues throughout the D.C. area, including the D.C. Improv Lounge, Cozzy’s Comedy Club and Tavern, the Big Hunt, and as part of the Charm City Comedy Festival.


Katherine Jessup

Katherine Jessup hopes you like her comedy, but it’s cool if you don’t. (You probably will though.) Commanding stages with the winsome charm of your slightly too honest best friend, her comedy’s been described as sublime, profoundly relatable, and also available for birthday parties. She performs around the country, hosts a dope podcast (Advice! with Dave & Kat), and runs one of the best storytelling shows in DC.


Josh Otusanya

Josh Otusanya is a Chicago comedian and writer originally from Seattle, Washington. He is a producer of a monthly comedy show called “The Young Hustle Show” Friday nights at the Laugh Factory in Chicago. As a writer, Josh has been published in magazines such as Inc and Huffington Post. He also has a YouTube channel called “ThisisJoshO” where he talks about life and his disdain for peanut butter. Josh is a graduate of Second City’s improv program and just finished performing stand up in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, as well as the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas. He has opened for Felonious Munk from the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central, Junior Stopka from Last Comic Standing, and Marcella Arguello from @midnight. Josh can be seen performing anywhere across the globe or at any of Chicago’s major venues such as Laugh Factory, Second City, The Comedy Bar, Annoyance Theater, Zanies Comedy Club, and more.


Tank Smith

Jonathan ‘Tank’ Smith grew up on the docile suburban streets of Peachtree City, GA. Now living in Raleigh, NC, Tank Smith enjoys making the Triangle laugh with his own brand of honest, observational, and storytelling comedy. He is a graduate of the Goodnights Comedy Club Comedy Academy and hosts there for national headliners. In 2016, he was a finalist in Raleigh’s Got Talent. In August 2017, he was a finalist in Port City’s Top Comic in Wilmington, NC. In October 2017, he participated in the Park Slope Comedy festival in Brooklyn, NY. Tank Smith has performed at an array of events, from local shows and competitions, to corporate meetings, backyard barbecues, and art shows. Frankly, he will perform anywhere within driving distance of a Mexican restaurant with relatively drinkable salsa. He has worked with comedians Chad Daniels, Jeff Zenisek, Hailey Boyle, and more! Sporting a rotund Cleveland Jr-esq physique, Tank is truly a commanding presence on stage!


Jason Allen King

Jason Allen King is a comedian, actor, writer and award-winning filmmaker from Charlotte, North Carolina. With one-of-a-kind life experiences and a passion for performing King takes audiences to new heights. You can find him touring the country playing a variety of clubs and venues. He has opened for renowned comedians like Titus, Bill Burr and Dave Attell. He also writes and stars in the popular web series “George & Monty” on Funny Or Die, which was invited to screen at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival.


Evan Pittfield

Evan Pittfield grew up in New Jersey, and escaped to North Carolina circa 2007 to pursue a bachelor’s
degree in computer science with a focus in video game development at UNC Charlotte. Thousands of
dollars in college debt later, Evan discovered he enjoys playing video games more than making them…
By day Evan is a full-time Software Engineer (boring), and by night Evan is rapidly frequenting the open
mics and pursuing stage time across Charlotte building his comedy and entertaining a few… Evan lives
with his girlfriend who he describes as beautiful, supportive, and intelligent. Evan owns a cat named
Satch, originally a nickname of Evan’s biggest guitar influence Joe Satriani (lame).


Drew Harrison

A product of conservative, small town USA, Drew takes the absurd and ridiculous events that have shaped his life and blends it into his own style of comedy. He is a member of The Hot Dog Gang, who produce “Speed Joking!”…a monthly showcase at Lucky Joe’s Coffee Shop in Wilmington, & “Stoned Cold Sober”…a unique team comedy battle at Bomber’s. Drew is a regular on the Brew Bus…a tour around local Wilmington breweries with comedy sprinkled in. Drew is also an on-air personality for the My Fantasy Wife podcast.

Drew participated in the 2014, 2015 and 2017 NCCAF, the 2016 & 2017 Cape Fear Comedy Festival, 2017 Cola Comedy Con, produced the 2014 “I Should Have Been A Rapper” comedy tour, and the Mad Hatters of Comedy monthly showcase. He is a former writer for Late Fear, a late night talk show produced in downtown Wilmington, NC. Drew also won 2016 Port City’s Top Comic.